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Personil Dosen
Nama Dosen: Prof. Dr. Suswandari, M.Pd
NIDN: 0020116601
Program Studi: S1 Pendidikan Guru Sekolah Dasar
Data Pemakalah Forum Ilmiah
Tingkat Forum Ilmiah: Tingkat International
Judul Makalah: Multicultural Approach In Learning as the Attempt of Reinforcing Indonesian Diversity in Elementary School
Abstrak: These days, the dynamics of social interaction in Indonesia is affected by various
issues that are threatening the diversity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).
This study aims to describe the multicultural approach in learning in elementary school
as an effort to strengthen the student's values of multiculturalism from an early age. The
descriptive qualitative method is used to analyze various problems related to the
implementation of multicultural approach in learning. The research was conducted in
five public elementary schools in PasarRebo Sub-district, East Jakarta. The results of
the research explains that the multicultural approach should be a soft skill for the
teachers and all components of the primary school management as an effort in fostering
tolerance, living in peace, mutual protection, mutual freedom from threats, and to
achieve the peaceful and harmonious Indonesia.
Nama Forum: International Conference on Teacher Training and Education 2017 (ICTTE 2017)
Institusi Penyelenggara : Universitas Negeri Solo
Waktu Pelaksanaan : 20/07/2017 - 21/07/2017
Tempat Pelaksanaan : Hotel Best Western Premier Hotel
Status : Pemakalah Biasa
Tahun Kegiatan : 2017
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