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Personil Penulis
Nama Dosen: Dr. Bunyamin M.Pd.I
NIDN: 0302026503
Program Studi: S2 Administrasi Pendidikan
Keanggotaan: ketua
Personil Penulis
Nama Dosen: Dr. KHOERUL UMAM M.Pd
NIDN: 0323048901
Program Studi: S1 Pendidikan Matematika
Keanggotaan: anggota
Data Publikasi Jurnal
Jenis Publikasi : Nasional Terakreditasi
Judul: The Prevailing Curriculum 2013 In Junior High School Practices: Teachers Perspective
Nama Jurnal: Journal of Education, Teaching and Learning
Abstrak: Curriculum 2013 has been implemented in various school in Jakarta. Although, the concept has been debated among teachers, and practitioners, some private and public schools in Jakarta has fully implemented this curriculum. This main purpose of this study was to examine teachers understanding about the prevailing curriculum 2013. There are three different aspects that will be evaluated such as training period, classroom practice, and students’ classroom engagement. The participant included 125 junior high school teachers from different part of Jakarta. We collected data through online survey with Likert scale. Data will be analyzed by descriptive statistics. The result of this study reported that teachers has enough time to get their training but they need extra time to prepare for classroom practice. Students who engaged the curriculum 2013 in classroom practice has been supported to work collaboratively with their peers. Teachers need to be prepared such as equipment, classroom plan, book for teacher, and time for meeting among their peer teaching. In class practice, teachers need allotted time to prepare for teaching and examination.
ISSN : 2477-4878
Volume : 4
Nomor : 2
Halaman : 93 - 104
URL : https://journal.stkipsingkawang.ac.id/index.php/JETL/article/view/957/pdf
Tahun Kegiatan : 2019
Berkas : Download