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Nama Dosen: Prof. Dr. Suswandari, M.Pd
NIDN: 0020116601
Program Studi: S1 Pendidikan Guru Sekolah Dasar
Keanggotaan: ketua
Data Publikasi Jurnal
Jenis Publikasi : International
Judul: Local History of Jakarta and MulticulturalAttitude (Historical Local Study of Betawi Ethnic)
Nama Jurnal: Journal of Education, Teaching and Learning
Abstrak: Abstract. This is a literature review about local history of Jakarta and multicultural attitude. In the context of local history of
Jakarta, ethnic Betawi as ethnic origin Jakarta is formed from the process of inter-ethnic assimilation imported by the Dutch
colonial government in its political and economic interests. In its development, the Betawi ethnic group continued to strengthen and
succeeded in establishing their own distinctive identity as well as disturbing with other ethnic groups in Indonesia, although in their
present development their existence is decreasing due to development interest which is not able to open wide room for Betawi
ethnicity itself because various causes. The Betawi ethnic group has a strong identity concerning Betawi cultural heritage such as
strong religious soul, respect for diversity, friendly, homoris, helpful, open, tolerant to differences and so on. As a part of Jakarta's
local history, ethnic Betawi history can be explored as a source of inspiration and a source of awareness in instilling multicultural
souls in Jakarta, as a metropolitan city with increasingly diverse ethnicity towards social life within the framework of peace and
Keywords: Local history; Multicultural; Attitude; Betawi
ISSN : 2477-4878
Volume : 0
Nomor : 1
Halaman : 93 - 100
URL : http://journal.stkipsingkawang.ac.id/index.php/JET...
Tahun Kegiatan : 2017
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